Bioakos product pipeline (pipeline) comprises drugs and products in various development phases in order to ensure a balanced use of resources and a continuous flow of new products.
Projects are sourced either internally through own research activities or externally through partnerships with  Pharmaceutical Companies.
Bioakos is conducting development activities in the area of  Dermatology, Gynaecology and Probiotics.

The major research projects are the following:
BAKF - 458
Syrup 150 ml
BAKF-458 is indicated for Caugh and persistent caugh associated with a whole range of conditions such as asthma, rhino-sinusitis, gastro-oesophageal reflux.
BAKF-458 is an antitussive without opioids side effects. Particularly indicated for Pediatric use .
BAKF - 476
Caps 200 mg
Menopause Syndrome: Hot Flashes, Osteoporosis, Cardiovascular disorders, Mood swings (patterns of energy disharmony ).
BAKF - 487

Vitamin B complex
20 tablets 400 mg
For the prophylaxis and treatment of specific vitamin deficiency diseases, in Children The B complex is critical for normal growth in children, as well as many physical and mental bodily functions.
For the prevention of hypovitaminosis resulting from the administration of vitamin antagonists (anti infective, and anticonvulsants), a deficient or special diet or loss of appetite (for instance, in the course of feverish illnesses).
Disorders of absorption as encountered in sprue, celiac disease and diarrhea, and after prolonged treatment with antibiotics during convalescence
BAKF - 494
Omega-3 fatty acids
30 tablets 400 mg
BAKF-494 offers omega-3 fatty acids in convenient little packets that look like ketchup packets for Children. The fishy taste has been removed and this supplement has an orange flavor. BAKF-494 is indicated in children for healthy brain and nervous system function.

BAKF - 322
Syrup 250 ml
Mild and Moderate stipsis as well as in the severe induced stipsis.
BAKF - 401
Gel Caps 500 mg
BAKF-401 is a Probiotic bacteria that help rebalance the intestinal flora, especially in cases of: Diarrhea due to antibiotics, Prevention of antibiotic-associated diarrhea, Constipation, Ulcerative Colitis
BAKF-401 also helps in the development of the immune system
BAKF – 437
Ansiolitic - Sedative   
Tablets 100 mg
Treatment of Insomnia and Anxiety or tension associated with the normal stress of everyday life