The company

About Us
Bioakos Farma Laboratori established in 2008, is a Specialty Pharma Company, with a total staff of over 100 people, dedicated to the development and marketing of pharmaceuticals.
Bioakos has headquarters in Florence, Italy while the Pharmaceuticals Operations are managed by Offices located in Forli'.
An Italian  field force of around 80 medical representatives promotes a selected range of Specialty pharmaceuticals, both proprietary and under license, in a number of selected therapeutic areas.
Bioakos is committed to the development of new entities within the Dermatology,Gynecology and  for ENT Specialists as well as for the treatments for Pediatric diseases.


Our values
Bioakos Farma laboratori has always adhered to a number of values in the pursuit of our Company objectives, applying them on a daily basis in the work which we carry out and in our relationships with employees and partners.


Our Mission
- Bioakos aim is to be recognised as a Specialty Pharma Company, able to develop and commercialise innovative pharmaceutical solutions to improve the quality of human life.
- Bioakos wants to maintain a high quality entrepreneurial team characterized by self confidence and a collaborative spirit.
- Bioakos main goal is to combine commitment for the human health, operating in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.


Our Vision
Social responsibility for the Bioakos means the harmonization the research for human health, with social and cultural obligations and value creation

The research is at the center of our activities through the development of  effective and safe therapeutic solutions.
As well as generating value through scientific research and the marketing of innovative therapeutic solutions Bioakos is contributing to science by supporting medical research.

Keeping  high standards of social responsibility means integrating principles of ethics and transparency into the company’s strategic vision, in line with the regulations in force but also correct in terms of economic and social relations.

The system of relations in which Bioakos operates is complex and involves continuous interaction with the medical and scientific community, the regulatory authorities, a complex network of commercial partners, employees, local communities and, much more important, patients.